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Getting out and about

25th March 2019

Thanks to a generous donation, we have been able to replace two vehicles from our aging fleet to ensure we can get our residents to their essential activities off-site.

“I am delighted that we now own a gleaming nine-seater Vivaro minibus and a nearly new seven-seater, Citroen Grand Picasso.

These vehicles have modern, economical 1.6 litre diesel engines which should prove economical to run, whilst having minimal environmental impact.

We still have money left to buy a replacement vehicle for Oaks & Willows.  We are considering a small 4x4, so we can keep running a great service, even if the weather gets a little challenging.

Vehicles are expensive to replace, and we have only been able to purchase these vehicles thanks to the kindness and generosity of our donor, and for this, we are extremely grateful”.

Graham Funnell, Residential Care and Supporting Independence Manager

Scotts Project Trust
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